La Participation des salariés

La Participation des salariés

Du partage d'information à la codétermination
Employee participation
From information sharing to co-determination

Promoted by strategies for managerial innovation, employee participation logically tends towards the involvement of workers in company decisions. Moreover, this participation responds to the goals of the employees and their representatives in intervening on working conditions, discussing issues related to employment and remuneration, and participation in the company's strategic choices

Sometimes implemented at the discretion of company directors and sometimes because of legal requirements, the participation strategies analyzed in this book take different forms: economic rights for the personnel committee, collective bargaining agreements, representation at the board of directors, and so forth.

How do these channels of participation work together? How do they help improve working conditions, environmental transition, and the social responsibility of companies? What might be their impact in terms of competition?

This book provides a critical overview of this question, even as the PACTE law of May 22, 2019 lays out a greater participation of employees in the governance and strategic decisions of French companies.

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