Les Accidents de carrière

Les Accidents de carrière

Career pitfalls

Professional career plans have less and less chance of evolving as planned. From errors in early guidance to retrenchment (economic or not), as well as private and personal setbacks, the pitfalls in a professional trajectory are more frequent and more varied in working life today. Moreover, their effects are different depending on their causes and the modalities put in place to address them.

Our societies are slow in adapting to this reality, which is born of sluggish growth, more flexible legislation on employer-employee relations, and the massive participation of women in the labour market. The image of a stable career with a single employer, predominant in the post-war period and supported by many labour protection laws, continues to influence both mentalities and industrial relations.

This volume provides a typology of career pitfalls in order to better understand them and to develop policies to manage them.

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