Les Politiques de biodiversité

Les Politiques de biodiversité

With Isabelle Arpin, Mehdi Arrignon, Myriam Badoux, Ana Flàvia Barros-Platiau, Valérie Boisvert, Christel Bosc, Arnaud Cosson, Emilie Dupuits, Jean Foyer, Fanny Guillet, Marie Hrabanski, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Symphorien Ongolo, Amandine Orsini, Denis Pesche, Luc Semal, Aurore Viard-Crétat
The politics of biodiversity

Biodiversity is omnipresent in both national and international arenas and, having been freed from an exclusively environmentalist focus, it has become an issue for public action. It is the politicisation of biodiversity that is the subject of this pluri-disciplinary book, which brings together a range of scientific fields and covers previously neglected dimensions of this issue, including economies of scale, the political impact of the scientific categories mobilised by actors and the instrumentalization of international norms by states. This unprecedented panorama provides a glimpse of an uncertain future for the politics of biodiversity, in spite of the urgency proclaimed by scientists and the unavoidable social stakes that it represents.

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