Vin et politique

Vin et politique

Bordeaux, la France, la mondialisation
Wine and Politics
Bordeaux, France, Globalization

French wines, held precariously between a slump in domestic consumption and an augmentation of production in the nations of the new world, have seen their market share dissolve since the end of the 1990s. What are the remedies ? Rediscover the fundamental value of the domestication of wine or perhaps loosen a set of overly complex regulations ?

This work describes the mechanisms and actors who perform on wine’s political stage. How are professional dynamics manifested in the Bordeaux region ? What are the consequences of recent French reforms tied to health, marketing, and the regulation of wine? What is the final outcome of negotiations related to the European politics of wine and international commerce accords ?

The authors bring to light the capabilities of the collective action of wine professionals and their influence on public powers, but also emphasize the territorial competition and contemporary uncertainty that courses through world of wine.

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