Faut-il ouvrir les frontières ?

Faut-il ouvrir les frontières ?

Should we open up our borders?

Although freedom of movement has been recognised as an essential factor for human development, two-thirds of the planet's inhabitants cannotmove freely. As for traditional countries of immigration, they have closed their doors, if not even built walls or established detention camps.

And yet the damaging effects of closing our borders are legion. In addition to victims, illegal and undocumented migrants, we can add refugee camps, an illicit border-crossing economy, economic and demographic deficits caused by the lack of mobility and the exorbitant cost of closed borders and expulsion policies.

When confronted with these paradoxes, would it not be more beneficial to flip traditional logic on its head, and consider that the free circulation of persons is a universal right, while granting States the possibility of restricting entry onto their soil?

A right to migration is beginning to emerge and become the subject of multi-lateral discussions. Often conducted on the margins of the State, these debates reveal the glaring inequalities of borders, depending on the provenance and destination of migrants. This work represents a call for a right to free circulation and an international diplomacy of migrations.

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