Politiques publiques 2, Changer la société

Politiques publiques 2, Changer la société

Public Policy 2, Changing society

The second volume of the Public Policy series, this opus focuses on the effects of public action on the social and political body.

The first part, dedicated to the ties between policy, behaviors, and interests, analyzes policy explicitly intended to "change society" by acting primarily on the attitudes of individuals toward family, security, public health, shelter, development, telecommunications. The second part is devoted to the relationship between public policy and democracy, giving priority to the systems, initiatives, or steps which seem to allow citizens access to the construction and realization of public policy.

This series, the objective of which is to explain the transformations of public action and new analyses of the same, thus illustrates with these works the advent of the autonomous citizen as an actor, an educated, active consumer of public action. Different chapters of this volume discuss this fiction, revealing both its mechanisms and its implications.

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