Dictionnaire des politiques publiques

Dictionnaire des politiques publiques

Dictionary of Public Policy

The goal of this dictionary is to provide readers with clear and immediately useful information.

Fundamental concepts are presented in a pedagogical light: Each entry offers a detailed definition, concrete examples and bibliographic references. The volume also includes a thematic index and a general bibliography.

An approach that is intellectually open and internationally oriented: The dictionary provides a genuine overview of public policy analysis and derives its value from its choice of contributors and the attention it grants to the most recent French and international studies. While describing the changes being experienced by a field in full swing, this volume also opens up an interdisciplinary dialogue between different analytical movements.

With close to eighty entries, the 4th edition of this dictionary is a veritable toolbox for understanding, analysing and debating public policy.

Developed and edited by Laurie Boussaguet (Université de Rouen and Sciences Po, CEE), Sophie Jacquot (UCL, ISPOLE and Sciences Po, CEE) and Pauline Ravinet (Université Lille 2, CERAPS), this dictionary brings together the work of internationally renowned scholars and professors, as well as the input of young researchers in the field.

'We should all welcome the enlarged edition of a book that has already proven indispensible to everyone interested in the analysis of public policy.'
Peter A. Hall

‘A treasure trove of empirical information, theoretical avenues and bibliographic references.’
Alain Faure

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