Politiques publiques 1, La France dans la gouvernance européenne

Politiques publiques 1, La France dans la gouvernance européenne

Public Politics
1, France in European Governance

The objective of this new series will be to take a regular account of the transformations of public action and new analysis of public politics. The theme of its first issue is the France in European governance.

The first part is devoted to changes of in the scale of public action with an analysis of several sectors exposed differently to Europeanization, to internationalization and to the decentralization of public policy : environmental, agricultural, defense, immigration, higher education, and socio-economic politics.

The second part will focus on the evolution of the ‘French model’. Is it still pertinent in a time of European integration and reform of local institutions ? Are we witnessing the design of a new model of public administration ?

Finally, if the role of the State evolves, recent transformations leave the question of the place of citizens in public action whole, as that of democratic control of public policy.

Olivier Borraz is Director of CNRS Research at the CSO (Sciences Po Center of Sociology of Organizations) and Virginie Guiraudon is in charge of CNRS research at Ceraps (Center of Administrative Political and Social Research at the University of Lille II).

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