Le Développement

Le Développement

Histoire d'une croyance occidentale
The Development
The History of a Western Faith

During six decades, the idea of development has been used to legitimize, in the North and the South, countless economic and social policies and to convince in the advent of well-being for all. Globalization took over but far from promising development, now we simply fight against poverty through growth as the only recourse.

Despite its failure, the development survives as a glimmer of collective hope, because it relies on a deeply rooted belief in the Western imagination and the need to believe outweighs the doubts that you may have on the subject of belief.

Following the course of history, this book provides an update on the theories and strategies which claimed to transform the world. Today, Gilbert Rist, as critics of development, is interested in the dominant economic paradigm to highlight the limits of Western hegemony.

This fourth edition emphasizes the contradictions arising from "the demands of growth" and the urgency to save the planet.