Ignorance scientifique et inaction publique

Ignorance scientifique et inaction publique

Les politiques de santé au travail
Scientific ignorance and public inaction
Health policy in the workplace

How many people know that between 14,000 and 30,000 new cases of workplace-related cancer are diagnosed every year? Is it not surprising that economic activity is the cause of thousands of illnesses and deaths, and that nobody is aware of it? How can we explain that, with the exception of the asbestos scandal, the question of toxic substances and dangerous industrial processes is eluded in public debate ?

As a sociologist, Emmanuel Henry questions the mechanisms that lead to this blackout and analyses the way in which workplace health policies are developed in France – in silence. He shows how the instruments and procedures for managing professional risks are now conceived by and for experts, which makes it very difficult for workers' representatives and citizens to appropriate them. These risks, which have become invisible due to lack of knowledge, or the deliberate production of scientific ignorance by industrial actors, are simply disappearing from the official radar. It is therefore public inaction that triumphs.

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