À quoi servent les politiques de mémoire ?

À quoi servent les politiques de mémoire ?

The future of memory policies

Forgetting the past means being condemned to repeat it. Since the end of the 1990s, this idea has inspired the massive development of memory policies throughout the world. Memorial museums, monuments, civic education and institutions have all been given the task of writing history, honouring victims, speaking about good and evil, and enabling citizens and political leaders to build peaceful societies.

Yet these policies have not reached their objectives. They have not been able to hold back the rising tide of populism nor prevent the outbreak of political violence. To understand the reasons for this failure and shed light on the public debate, the authors return to the sources of these memory policies and, without political bias or taking sides, ask – where do these policies come from? What do they really do? How can we make them work effectively?

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