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La Nationalité, une histoire de chiffres
Politique et statistiques en Europe centrale (1848-1919)
Nationality as a matter of numbers
Politics and statistics in central Europe (1848-1919)
Morgane Labbé
Drawing on the example of Poland, the author demonstrates that the inventory of the populations, the printing of identification cards, the choice of demographic, linguistic, or religious criteria were used to serve more diverse political projects than the historical literature has tended to suggest.

Blanc de plomb
Histoire d'un poison légal
White Lead
The history of a legal poison
Judith Rainhorn
The historian Judith Rainhorn has investigated white lead, which has been massively produced and used since the late 18th century, a poison for the workers directly exposed to it in their dusty workshops, lead pigment is today recognized as an environmental poison.

Le Moment Nuremberg
Le procès international, les lawyers et la question raciale
The Nuremberg Moment
The international trial, the lawyers, and the question of race
Guillaume Mouralis
Guillaume Mouralis provides a fascinating reading of the Nuremberg trial based on a study of the lawyers who laid its foundations and propelled and guided the debates in the United States.

Radio Lorraine coeur d'acier, 1979-1980
Les voix de la crise
Radio Lorraine Heart of Steel 1979-1980
Voices of the crisis
Ingrid Hayes
A rare testimony to an event that has been scantly documented in history, this singular book draws on extensive and up until now unexploited resources, the "Heart of Steel" broadcasts. It revives a key moment in the working-class landscape of the 1970s.

Que faire de nos vieux ?
Une histoire de la protection sociale de 1880 à nos jours
What should be done with the elderly ?
A history of social protection from 1880 to today
Christophe Capuano
o better understand the question of the dependency of the elderly, which is increasingly poignant given the ageing population, Christophe Capuano provides his perspective as a historian and retraces the birth of the welfare state since the 1880s.

L'Entreprise et l'Evangile
Une histoire des patrons chrétiens
Entreprise and evangelisme
A history of christian executives
Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel, Nicolas de Bremond d'Ars, André Grelon
This book sheds new light on the history of businesses in the contemporary era, on the influence of the church's social doctrine and Vatican II for a segment of the Catholic elite. It also explores the Church's dilemmas regarding dechristianisation and the triumph of capitalism.

Histoire du paradis fiscal suisse
History of the Swiss tax haven
Christophe Farquet
Christophe Farquet has uncovered numerous previously unexplored archives to understand how and when Switzerland became one of the main offshore centres of the world.

Les socialistes français et l'économie (1944-1981)
Une histoire économique du politique
French Socialists and the Economy (1944–1981)
An economic history of politics
Mathieu Fulla
The criticism being levied is not new. In fact, though it first appeared after the 'defeat' of the "Front populaire", it has consistently returned since: French socialists are said to be economically incompetent. A stereotype? Mathieu Fulla offers an economic history of politics that participates in the current debate within the Left.

La naissance de l'État social japonais
Biopolitique, travail et citoyenneté dans le Japon impérial (1868-1945)
The Birth of the Japanese Social State
Biopolitics, labour and citizenship in imperial Japan (1868–1945)
Bernard Thomann
The book presents the completely new history of Japanese social state whose policies and knowledge were developed in the nineteenth century .

La santé en guerre 1914-1918
Une politique pionnière en univers incertain
Pioneering policies in an uncertain world
Vincent Viet
This panoramic volume seeks to shed light on this historical turning point in public health and 'emergency medicine', led by Justin Godart — who would later become a member of both the French Resistance and the Righteous Among the Nations — while also deciphering the sometimes questionable uses of healthcare during wartime.

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