La politique au fil de l'âge

La politique au fil de l'âge

Politics and age


Revolutionary at 20, conservative at 60: is there truth in this old adage? Do our political attitudes change as we age? How important is the age group or generation with which we identify?

This work gives light to the ties between age, generation, life cycle and our political lives. It dissects, across philosophy, history, political science, sociology and even psychology the multiple historical, cultural and social perimeters which support the effects of age. The politicizing of individuals on the basis of age is examined by all sides: the construction of political and ideological choices, the relationship between age and voting vs. abstention, partisan engagement, participation in collective action…It would seem that the political implications of biological age cannot be ignored. Social and biological age, even generational identity, are telling.

A reflection on social behavior and the impact of age in modern democracies.

Anne Muxel is a Director of Resarch at Cevipof (CNRS/Sciences Po). She notably published, Individu et mémoire familiale (Hachette Pluriel, 2007), Toi, moi et la politique. Amour et convictions (Seuil, 2008), Avoir 20 ans en politique. Les enfants du désenchantement (Seuil, 2010) and, with Bruno Cautrès, Comment les électeurs font-ils leur choix ? Le Panel électoral français 2007 (Presses de Sciences Po, 2009).

Contributors: Ludivine Bantigny • Pierre Bréchon • Monique Dagnaud • Christophe Traïni • Yves Dejaeghere • Bernard Denni • Vincent de Gaulejac • Achim Goerres • Marc Hooghe • Florence Johsua • Farhad Khosrokhavar • Henri Rey • Isabelle Sommier • Pierre-Henri Tavoillot.

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