L'Instrumentation de l'action publique

L'Instrumentation de l'action publique

Controverses, résistance, effets
With Franck Aggeri, Thomas Aguilera, Lorenzo Barrault, Pierre-Yves Baudot, Daniel Benamouzig, Driss Ezzine de Blas, Sarah Gensburger, Olivier Godard, Michael Howlett, Alain Karsenty, Julie Labatut, Xavier de Larminat, Brice Laurent, Jean-Pierre Le Bourhis, Benjamin Lemoine, Liz McFall, Stéphane Nahrath, Edward C. Page, Sabine Saurugger
The Instrumentation of Public Action
Controversy, Reluctance and Repercussions

How is collective action organised? How do collective actors work together? Social science research has provided a number of very different responses to these questions. Using the concept of instrumentation, this text suggests that we focus our attention on the concrete aspects and material elements of collective action: instruments, tools and measures as they are used today, in order to analyse the markets, capitalism, business and different forms of collective action linked to public authority.

Ten years after Gouverner par les instruments was published, this new work provides an overview of the debates and controversial issues surrounding policy instrumentation by looking towards other disciplines such management science, history and economics, and by examining recent works on climatology, environmental services, property rights, public debt, commemorative events, squat management, etc.

This rich dialogue highlights many fruitful reflections on instrumentation, helping to rethink social science and collective action today.

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