Théories et concepts de l'intégration européenne

Théories et concepts de l'intégration européenne

Theoretical Approaches to European Integration

An exhaustive work, indispensable for discussing the European integration today.

Due to expansive growth in shared knowledge, the tools for analyzing the European Union have become vastly more numerous and complex. Met with this abundance, the objective of this work is to offer a clear and complete synthesis of the theories and concepts treating the European integration. Contextualizing these concepts and theories within the debates of their times, this book investigates the instruments used to analyze the European integration in reference to political sociology, public policy and political theory without neglecting the contributions of international relations.

Table of Contents

PART 1 / Why build an integrated political system ?
Theories of Integration
The origins of regionalism

PART 2 / How is it possible to analyze an integrated political system ?
Conceptual tools from the anlaysis of the State
Europeanization and the transfer of public politics
The sociology of European integration
Political theory

PART 3 / An integrated system in today's world
International relations discover the European Union
The sociology of international relations and European integration
Comparative integration : beyond European navel-gazing.