La France en mutation 1980-2005

La France en mutation 1980-2005

Changing France 1980 - 2005

Changing France combines the analyses of a Harvard and Sciences Po team of politists and sociologists.

This 30-year study shows that in four fields - political economy, political representation (election, parties), social policies and transformations of the State, deep evolutions occurred into France from 1975 to 2005. The State transformed, the markets, especially financial, increased their domination on French economic life while the political sphere - and particularly political parties – all but missed these changes of the politico-economic system. This work, carried out by recognized specialists in studies of France, capitalism and the Welfare state and by specialists in youth movement research, allows an in-depth analysis for fuller comprehension of the current political crisis, at a moment when France seems to be facing the pressures exercised by Europe and the global economy with difficulty.

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